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Who Are You Writing For?

Before you write a word -- whether that's for your blog, for a newsletter, or for any business-related effort -- you need to understand who you're writing for. Who is your Ideal Reader? (Usually, this is the same as your Ideal Client) In this lesson, we'll do a deep...

Welcome and Orientation

Welcome to Blogging for Business 101. This course is available to you at your own pace. That means you do the lessons when you're ready and have the time. You can progress as fast or as slow as you like, but you'll need to mark each lesson topic complete before you...

Implement: Assignment #3 Review and Adjust

Tips for the Future: Your brand rollout should take no more than three months in order to make sure you keep momentum building. However, you will always continue the process of building your brand through every action you take as a business owner. Every tweet, every...

Implement: Assignment #1 Create a Rollout Plan

When you've tested your idea and feel confident that it fits with your business model and future plans, then it's time to do a "rollout." Are you starting from scratch or doing a brand refresh? Each path will have it’s own needs and timeline. But both paths will need...

Thank you for the free lessons, your advice really help me build my blog and website, and now I feel it is so much more engaging and conversions have definitely improved! Cheers, Jean.

Jean Lang

Blogger, RBC

I went through all three of your free online courses and it really was amazing. Thank you for taking the time to construct these amazing courses and offering your knowledge free of charge! Will recommend this site to my friends!

William Randall


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