If you’re not sure how to begin a blog post, the easiest way is to outline a writing structure.

You can use the Starter Recipe as a guideline:

1st paragraph: state the problem.

2nd paragraph: talk about why the problem persists.

3rd paragraph: paint a picture of what’s possible when the problem is solved.

4th paragraph: your recommendations to solve.

5th paragraph: wrap up and call to action.

Or you could follow the basic high school essay structure: 

1st paragraph: Thesis statement (there’s a problem that exists because…)

2nd paragraph: Evidence to support your argument

3rd paragraph: Evidence to support your argument

4th paragraph: Evidence to support your argument

5th paragraph: Conclusion

The form of your outline isn’t what’s most important.

What’s important, is that you stick to making just ONE point.

If you include three different story vignettes or pieces of evidence, they all need to make the same point. Don’t confuse your reader by trying to give them more than one moral to the story.

Ready to outline? Go ahead and post yours in a comment below.