Many times when we talk about “optimizing” our content, we’re really talking about SEO (or Search Engine Optimization).

The thing about SEO is that it’s a constantly moving target. Whatever I write about it today will be out-of-date tomorrow. That’s because search engines keep changing the algorithms they use to determine whether or not your blog post is a high quality answer to someone else’s search request.

So here’s my best advice: always write for humans first.

When you make sure that your copy and content sound both intelligent and conversational, you’ve addressed the first challenge.

Read your post out loud. Do the words sound like something you’d say? Or are you repetitive, too academic, or otherwise boring your audience?

If you can positively answer that YES you’ve written for humans first, then — and only then — should you consider adding in any layer of SEO strategy.

Take a look at your last blog post — AGAIN — and read it outloud to a friend or colleague. (Someone who can be honestly objective and give you constructive criticism.)

Ask them to give you feedback about tone, voice, and content. If you need to adjust the text, do so now.

For more on SEO best practices, see the MOZ website here.