To Review…the last 3 steps had you finding your own particular marketing ingredients:

  1. My customer’s # 1 problem/desire
  2. Why they haven’t been able to solve/attain it
  3. Picture of the world for them when I solve it
  4. Why I’m uniquely suited to make that happen for them
  5. Call to action

In order to use these ingredients as the basis for any marketing materials you have, you’ll want to expand on them by adding appropriate stories, metaphors, emotional pulls and other flourishes as appropriate.

Assignment: Brainstorm possible flavors

Take out a blank piece of paper and write down ideas for how you’ll illustrate your points.

For example, choose one or two compelling client stories that fit the outline of your ingredients. These will be case studies.

Other great sources are testimonials and survey results — any qualitative or quantitative data you’ve collected over the years.

If you don’t have any “hard” evidence that you’ve collected yourself, look at secondary sources. Are there any industry surveys that were done recently? You really only need two to three of these pieces to begin.

Think about a lexicon — words that you’ll use to reinforce your brand “voice.” What words does your tribe use to describe everyday objects? To express emotions?  Do they use slang? If so, what’s appropriate and not appropriate? Create a document and add this to your Ideal Client profile.