Write Your Customer a Letter

Trust me on this one — you need to do this! Not only will it help you practice talking directly to your prospects in a heartfelt way, it’s a great first draft for any sales pages you may need in the future.

Assignment: Write a letter — from the heart — to your Ideal Client (use the Persona you just created)

Keeping in mind the details of the persona you created and your 5 starter ingredients, write a letter to your ideal client explaining who you are and what you have to offer.

Write it as you would write any letter to a friend. Pretend you know them extremely well (you do!) and let them know you know how they feel. Add the empathy, the sympathy, the emotions that surround this topic.

You should have at least one paragraph for each of your starter ingredients. 

Share this assignment with a trusted colleague or friend, get their feedback and edit again.

Next: read the letter out loud. Does it flow? Does it sound natural? Edit again.