Think about your Aunt Sally. You care about her, right?

So, you don’t knowingly serve her shellfish when she’s allergic.

By the same token, any marketing message you try to deliver should also be created around specific knowledge of your prospect.

Here’s what I mean: Who is the person you’re trying to reach? Does she have a name? Of course she does. So start there.

Take out a sheet of paper and write down everything you know about her. (Here’s a worksheet that can help guide you.)

Yes, the requisite demographics will get you started. But dig really deep and add things like hobbies and other interests. What gets her out of bed in the morning? What makes her tick? What problems does she need to deal with? Where does she hang out? What radio/television/websites does she listen to/watch/peruse?

The idea is to create something so detailed that this person comes alive for you in your mind. As they should!

Now keep this fabulous document close by as you write your blog posts. You’ll be writing them… to her.  (This is what I like to call the Ideal Client profile. Other marketing folks refer to this as a “marketing persona” or “avatar.”)

When you have a specific person in your head as you write, your blog nearly writes itself.