Whether you’re product or service driven, your business needs to have a “lead capture device.”

That’s just a fancy marketing term for an enticement that speaks to your ideal customer and helps them understand your Secret Sauce.

That little gift needs to be congruent with the branding message you’re telling the world. If you want to build authority as the Queen of Interior Design for Kitchens, for example, then you wouldn’t give away a report on how to design your home office.

Figure out first what your #1 offer is/will be — something that you’ll charge money for. And then take a small part of that offer and create a piece of information or a product sample that will give your ideal customer a taste of that offer and leave them wanting more. This can be used as your enticement for building your email list.

Next, make a list of five to seven pieces of information that need to be in place to support your brand identity. These are usually blog posts, videos, podcasts, or other content that live on your website or are linked to from your website.

Think about the questions your ideal customer will have about how to use your product or service. What do they need to know and understand about working with you? What do they need to have in place before they hire you? Brainstorm as many of these as you can — these are the topics you’ll address (over time) on your website or through your marketing materials.

What is your #1 offer? What will you sell to your ideal customers? And what piece of that can you use to capture leads on your website and elsewhere online?