Tips for the Future: Your brand rollout should take no more than three months in order to make sure you keep momentum building.

However, you will always continue the process of building your brand through every action you take as a business owner. Every tweet, every telephone call, every task you complete for a client is an opportunity to build your brand and your authority as that brand. Don’t overlook them!

But also keep an eye on how things are going. Are you getting the response you hoped for? If not, it’s time to review your efforts and see where things may have fallen down.

Take an honest look at your operations. Survey your customers. And keep networking. If people are responding positively to your brand, but not buying what you have to offer, then you may need to adjust how you put it out there.

In any case, review and adjustment is a constant process.

If you EVER have a question about your branding or how to get a particular message out to the world, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email:

How do you feel about the process and what you’ve learned? Do you feel ready to implement? Why or why not?