If you could wave your magic wand and create a perfect world, what would it look like? Not just for you, but for everyone.

Close your eyes for a minute and let your mind wander. Really have fun with this and imagine things not as they are, but as you’d like them to be.

Now — take that same perfect world and focus in on just one aspect: the part that relates to your business.

In my perfect world, for instance, every small business owner would feel confident and strong about who they are and what they have to offer. They would be able to communicate their messages with clarity. And they’d be thrilled to be making boat loads of money doing exactly what they love and were meant to do.

In short, I’d probably be out of business (at least as a marketing consultant) because all these folks would have the tools, knowledge and oomph to achieve their business goals.

Now – what would your perfect world look like in relation to the service or product you offer the world?

Jot down 3 or 4 sentences that capture what it is that you’d want your target market to enjoy. This needs to be bigger than just something you alone could provide. It needs to be massively global.

Complete this sentence: “I imagine a world where all [insert your target market] have/do/be/enjoy…”

Share your perfect world scenario with us in a comment below.