Now that you’ve clarified what your motivations, values and vision are, it’s time to find a metaphor or archetype that will work as shorthand for all of that.

Think about the stories we tell each other via fairy tales, comic books, movies and television. What kind of hero are you? Are you a superhero? With super powers?

If you’ve never thought about archetypes before (or how you might use one to tell your story), don’t worry. It’s not something that most people consciously do.

However, you will find clues in those themes that you find especially appealing: your passions.

Revisit the inventory exercises from last week to see if anything stands out for you.

Download the attached documents which list some generic archetypes and see if any of those sound like you.

Is there a movie character or type that you think fits your mission? Hint: this will usually be related to your WHY and your HOW. (Why you do what you do, and how you do it.)

Make a short list of at least 3 different “characters” and then apply those characters to your passions.

In my case (to come up with the Word Chef) I applied my love of food and creativity in the kitchen to my passion for communication and marketing.

This character doesn’t necessarily need to be incorporated into your branding (like mine), but it IS very helpful for talking about what you do when people ask. It’s much more fun to say, “I’m the Freddy Krueger of blogging,” than it is to tell folks you’re a blogging expert. Am I right?

Okay – so what does your character look like? And what are it’s super powers?

Don’t forget it’s weak spots — what kind of “kryptonite” does your character struggle with?

Remember: real heroes are flawed. Don’t try to create a hero that sits up on a pedestal. You’ll crumble the first time you don’t live up to that ideal.


Share your Character with the group and how you arrived at your choice.