The Other Characters in Your Story: Your Nemesis

You are a Hero. But in terms of your branding, you aren’t really the hero of the story. Your client is. (More on this later.)

You share the stage with other characters, too.

One of them is your/their nemesis, or the anti-hero. The character that’s a metaphor for someTHING that you (and/or your client) are working to overcome. (Note: you probably have more than one!)

For this exercise, first identify who or what you are fighting against. What conflicts do you resolve? What problems do you solve?

Next, build a personification around your nemesis. Think in terms of storybook or comic book characters. Give your nemesis a name. Write out in a few sentences what this “evil” character does or what motivates him/her. Have fun with this! Use your creativity and create someone as three dimensional as you can.

Next, repeat the exercise focusing on your Ideal Client. Who or what is their nemesis?

For more on this topic, read “Tell a More Engaging Brand Story.”

What is the name of your/their nemesis? What characteristics or motivations does he/she have? Is your villain the same as your Ideal Clients’?