Every business needs to stand for something.

Your exploration and self-discovery up to this point have all helped you see what it is YOU stand for — as a person, and as a business owner.

Now it’s time to write out your manifesto. Start with a blank piece of paper and then put numbers down the left side (from 1 to 10).

Go back and revisit your passions, values and the other exercises you’ve completed to this point. Think in terms now of your business or blog.

What elements do you require to be a part of your efforts? What must be there for you to feel fulfilled and successful? What do you feel strongly that others must also adopt for them to succeed?

You don’t have to stick with 10 things. It may end up being more or less. Just write until you feel that most everything you need has been captured on paper.

For additional ideas and direction, read this blog post on the Word Chef site: http://thewordchef.com/2012/08/manifesto-why-how-write-yours/

Share your manifesto with the group. Either copy/paste it here; or share a link from your website, Google Docs or other file sharing site.