Once you know what the benefits are from doing business with you AND you know what your ideal customer is truly worried about (remember: what’s their biggest challenge or burning desire?), you are fully equipped to outline your Products/Services page.

Depending on how many items you’re offering for sale, you may have multiple pages. But let’s start with an outline.

Assignment: Make two lists of all your products and/or services:

  1. First, list them from lowest price to highest price.

  2. Second, list them in categories — so that if you have multiple options in one category, they are all there.

What we’re after here is a big picture inventory of what you’re selling…because we want to see how to best present these options on your website.

If you’re selling products and need to create a catalog (because you’ve got so many items), then you’ll be able to see at a glance how small or large that catalog needs to be. And how you’ll organize it.

If you’re selling services, this will help you identify any holes in your offering. Do you need to spend some time working on your product/service development?

Now think about how you’ll present these offerings on your website. You’ll need at least one or two introductory sentences at the top of your page to let people know they’ve arrived in the right place and to tell them where they’re going.

Next, bring back your list of benefits (from Lesson 8) and incorporate at least the top 3 benefits into your copy for each item.

If you feel like you could use some help with this particular lesson, let’s talk.  You know how to find me.