Do Your Visitors Get Lost? Or Have You Pointed the Way?

It’s happened just the way you imagined.

A potential customer has searched for an answer to her question and found YOU.

She’s clicked the link in the search results that lead directly to your website. (In this particular example, let’s pretend the link takes her to your home page.)

Will she be able to find what she’s looking for? Or will she be distracted by all the bells and whistles you’ve added?

That all depends on whether or not you make the path easy to find.

Assignment: Revisit your website starter notes for Question 5 (What action do you want them to take now?). Use your answer to brainstorm three or four different paths that your visitors might take to get to that point. Map out the pages that they’ll visit.

Next, draft out a short page of directions you could offer to a new visitor. This is your If You’re New Here page. It will contain links to your most popular content as well as at least one or two Calls to Action (see your answer to Q5/What action do you want them to take now?).

If you feel like you could use some help with this particular lesson, let’s talk.  All you need to do is shoot me an email and let me know what challenges you’re having. I’ll get back to you right away and we’ll take it from there!